Ibiza Officials Cracking Down On Beach Clubs By Banning DJs and Live Music

The Ibiza crackdown continues as local officials have now moved to ban DJs and live music from a total of 16 beach clubs on the island.

The San José municipal town hall gave the marching orders to some of the most popular beach clubs on the island including Blue Marlin, Bora Bora, Coco Beach and others, all of whom cannot now host any events that feature DJs or live music.

The idea behind the move is to reclaim the beaches from the parties and dance music, after complains by locals and tourists alike that said beach clubs have been claiming portions of public beaches for their clients and kicking out regular beach goers with the use of security and bouncers.


On the other side, this crackdown marks the latest in a series of moves by local governments that is seemingly trying to curb the expansion and proliferation of dance music related events throughout the island. Recently a Balearic Tourist law passed forbidding the extant restrictions from being relaxed, while allowing for some others to become even stricter. For example, noise levels were just lowered from 85db to now 65db for next season with heavy fines expected for venues in violation.

According to local outlet The IbizanSan José government has handed out seven “you are a restaurant only” notices in Playa d’en Bossa, two in Cala Jondal, one in Cala Moli, one in Vadella, four in Cala Bassa, and one in Cala Tarida.

Essentially the municipality is telling these beach clubs that they were never beach clubs, were never granted the proper permits and therefore cannot operate as such. “Although all the clubs in question may have registered with the central island government, the Consell, that is only a small part of the authority and registration they must hold to be a beach club,” says The Ibizan. “San José say that the clubs must also gain permission from them as the local council, and that none of them have done so.”

It is important to note that the council hasn’t outrightly banned beach clubs, and hasn’t specified whether paperwork applications from these venues to become official beach clubs would be rejected or not. It is however not too far fetched to imagine that Town Hall isn’t in favor of them existing in the first place.

Source: 6AM



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