Blade Runner 2:Do you think i’m a replicant?

Should there be a Blade runner 2?

Is Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) a replicant or not?

Harrison Ford has said that he thinks Rick Deckard is a human, while Rigdley Scott says he isn’t. As a result, the speculation continues, keeping the doubts and mystery as a basic part of the story which  is a great.

Ridley Scott’s original Blade Runner is a timeless classic on its own ,but Villeneuve is an interesting choice as a director.

However,the reason we are waiting Blade Runner 2 is , not only to check if Harrison Ford ( Rick Deckard ) is human or replicant , but mainly to see how music and picture will fit as good as Vangelis’ soundtrack on Blade Runner 1.It’s  about that deep spacey soundscape that fired the imagination of many (electronic) musicians and music producers.
Or is it not anymore?

The soundtrack of the movie is being rumored to have been asigned to icelandic composer  Jóhann Jóhannsson .

Icelandic Jóhann Jóhannsson  has made a name for himself in the experimental and minimalist music scene in the country. He released his first album in 2002, Englabörn, and followed up by Forsetar in 2004 and IBM 1401, A User’s Manual in 2006.His  minimalist style continues into  film scoring. Jóhannsson has become a frequent collaborator with director Denis Villeneuve, scoring his film Prisoners and Sicario, as well as his Oscar-nominated, Golden Globe-winning score for James Marsh‘s The Theory of Everything

So is it Vangelis VS Johannsson? how the content relates to the context?Will there be a connection or a break with the past?

Blade Runner 2 is in development, with Harrison Ford  back in his role as Rick Deckard in the movie – making it the third major sequel character of his career   (following Indiana Jones and Han Solo from Star Wars).



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